The world is burning!

There are people suffering, people in pain, people lonely, people starving, animals suffering, the planet itself is in peril, there are endless wars, there is poverty, there’s hatred directed towards others who either aren’t the same or don’t hold the same beliefs or views. There are places in the world where women and children are essentially slaves or property. There are places where girls can be killed for simply going to school and teachers killed for trying to teach them.

There are millions of people trying to escape a devastating and ruthless war in their homeland, that they had nothing to do with starting, and thousands of them – children included – are dying on the journey. The governments and, sadly, the people of the world turn an almost universal blind eye to it.

We don’t have a pass on these tragedies. Every single one of us affects the lives of others, whether we intend to or not. There is no neutral in this life – if there is suffering in the world, we either contribute to it or we work to end it. Not being a direct part of the problem does not forgive our responsibility to our brothers and sisters who are in pain. If we know about injustice, then we must speak up against it.

Human existence is special, because we transcend mere survival. We are spiritual beings and we were created to live for a higher purpose than just making it day-to-day. When we are doing well, we are called to help those in need and ease their suffering. It’s not always thousands of miles away, either. One can simply walk down the street of any major city to see people in pain. If we can help someone who needs it, then we must.

In the movie “Braveheart,” William Wallace gave an amazing address to his men. They were vastly outnumbered by the British, and they were understandably scared and some of them were talking about retreat. Wallace, gives this amazing speech about freedom and the nobility of dying on the battle field fighting for something bigger than yourself and he gets them all roused up to fight and that was it. The music hits a crescendo and even I was ready to grab a sword and go fight for Scotland.

When everything settles down, Stephen the Irishman, delivers what was perhaps the most logical and pragmatic line in the whole movie: he says “Fine speech…now what do we do?” The same question is relevant here: what do we do?

It’s one thing to acknowledge that people are suffering; it’s more to care about those people and want their suffering to end; it’s wonderful to take some action to try to help. But it’s also impossible for one person, or even a group of people to do it all. There has to be a strategy.

The solution lies in the way we were designed. God programmed every human being with a powerful and unique passion. It could indeed be called our individual super power. When those individual passions are combined with a person’s unique characteristics and talents, the magic happens.

Passion drives us toward our goals. Passion pushes us past what we may have once believed were our limits. Passion drives an athlete to perform super-human feats in order to win. Each person’s passion is different. Some people are passionate about animal welfare. Others are passionate about the elderly. Many people are passionate about children’s safety.

The trick is to get the right people aware and involved. Their passion for the issue will drive them to do more than the average person would, and it will lead to a far greater chance of success. That is where “The Malone Effect” comes into play.

I have  passion for ending injustice and suffering. I despise suffering, whether it be humans or animals. I want more than anything, for sentient beings to be able to live in peace. It is overwhelming, because there is not a single issue that I can focus on. This is the reason I believe God led me to this mission. I also have a passion for communication. I write, speak and connect with people from all walks of life. This puts me in a uniquely advantageous position.

I am painfully aware of the many types of suffering in the world. The images swirl around inside my head like debris in a tornado. I will use this to my advantage. I will write and speak about these issues and strategically connect with people who are individually driven with a passion to help. Connection is the key. I may not be the right person but if I can find the person who is and spur them into action, I will have done my duty.

We live in an increasingly collective world. We have to learn to work and live together, or we won’t make it past the next century. Technology is moving too fast. Although I don’t believe technological advancements should cease, I do believe we need to make some adjustments in how we let it infiltrate our lives. The 24-hour news cycle has caused so many of us to become detached from the terrible stories we hear. But it’s time to re-attach ourselves, because our brothers and sisters in the world need us.

I have hope for the future. I have a deep faith in God and I know He will not leave us. But we have to put in the effort. We are God’s hands. There is much work to be done. It’s time for us to go to work and to do it with passion.



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