Seize Your Purpose

It’s not difficult to change the world – as long as everyone plays their part. The overwhelming part of examining the multitude of problems in the world stems from the misguided notion that all issues must be handled simultaneously by one person. The reality of the situation is far simpler.

Every person on the planet has a unique personality which comes with specific characteristics, including passion for certain issues. Some people are passionate about animal welfare; others are passionate about children’s education. For every issue in the world, there are people who are passionate about solving it. The key to it is allowing natural positioning to put the right people in the right places to effect a positive outcome. In the end, passion always leads to purpose.

As spiritual animals, human beings are constantly pondering the mystery of life and their own individual purpose in the grand scheme of things. Regardless of religious belief – or a lack thereof – people are constantly searching for meaning in it all. The ultimate goal of this quest is to find one’s own specific purpose in life – which is not as daunting a task as it may seem.

To find his or her purpose, a person must only listen to the little voice coming from their heart. When someone feels a pull toward a cause or a vocation in life, it will usually be accompanied by a sense of strength and determination. These characteristics combine to give the person a greater ability to work for their specific cause. When the heart speaks – it’s wise to listen.

The most successful people in the world are those who have unyielding passion for their cause. This relentless focus and energy stems from the fact that the person knows who he or she is and has absolute certainty about their purpose in life. They are here for a reason, and are committed to fulfilling it.

It is a duty to find one’s purpose in life and fulfill it. Purpose is both a gift and a guide from God. Fulfilling one’s purpose leads to amazing things happening because the person doing the job is exactly the one created to do it. When someone finds his or her purpose, the person is able to make a powerful contribution to the world. The passion and drive for the cause will give the person the focus that other people simply wouldn’t be able to maintain.

The world is crying out for purpose-driven individuals to take action and make a difference. People, animals and even the planet itself all need superheroes to come and save the day. Although a person may not be able to fly or shoot laser beams – he or she still has a superpower that can, when utilized to its full potential, be just as amazing. That superpower lives deep in the heart and it can change the world.



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