The Coming Purge

The Devil is on the verge of victory and seems poised to land the final knockout blow in his battle with God.

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Satan’s master plan is in full force. The Catholic Church – the Bride of Christ – is in peril. She has been failed by her leaders, abandoned by much of her laity and is now at the mercy of unrelenting and ruthless attacks by a world that hates her.

Coming on the heels of the revelations about Cardinal McCarrick’s disgraceful actions, the grand jury report on the almost unfathomable Pennsylvania abuses committed by our own priests and covered up by our bishops has Catholics backed into a dark corner with seemingly no way back into the light.

This is the moment Satan and his followers have waited for. Victory is within sight. The Catholic Church is seemingly on the verge of crumbling under the weight of these clergymen’s sins. The secular world mercilessly hurls its snide comments and lambasts those who remain faithful as being complicit in the crimes. And perhaps we are.

Perhaps the gravest revelation of all is from the explosive letter penned by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, accusing our beloved Holy Father, Pope Francis, of playing a role in, not only, covering up McCarrick’s crimes, but in removing the sanctions placed on him by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. These are only accusations, at this point, but if true, they will be a blow to the Church of seismic proportions.

All this must also be held with the knowledge that this is not the end of the blitz – there are many more of these horror stories to come. Our Church was infiltrated by evil and twisted men, men who smelled the sweet honey offered them by the Devil and they accepted it. They entered our seminaries alongside good, humble and devoted men of God.

These servants of Satan hid in the shadows, lurking, committing their evil deeds with one purpose: to destroy Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Things have seemingly progressed to a point from which there is no return but things are not always as they seem, especially when God is involved. While the Devil appears to have won this battle, he has gravely underestimated the power of the love between Christ and His people. Our Blessed Lord has put out the call, and His call is being answered.

There is an army of faithful Catholics rising in response to this most recent outrage, and they are not afraid to challenge the Church hierarchy all the way to the top, if necessary. In what appeared to be his ultimate triumph, Satan will feel cruel defeat. Catholics are ready to clean house, and Jesus Christ will lead the mission.

There will soon be a great purge in the Church. It is unavoidable and necessary. All the sins committed in the name of the Church will be brought to light and there will be earthly retribution in addition to the eternal damnation that has been fully earned by these monsters. The haughty will be humbled, the humble exalted.

This will be a painful time for us Catholics who will see our beautiful Church tear herself apart viciously.

Many will want to leave the Church in favor of a brand new start. Protestant and Evangelical churches will be the beneficiaries of this exodus. This diaspora is coming, it is inevitable. The weight of the sins committed in our Church is too great for most to bear. For many, the Church has become unforgivable. The world will encourage this belief.

Perhaps we should leave the Church. Maybe what the world tells us is correct. Maybe it’s time for the Catholic Church to close the doors, sell the assets and slip peacefully into the pages of history. Perhaps she is simply too tarnished by sin to be of any use to us. Perhaps we should leave her.

“Jesus then said to the Twelve, ‘Do you also want to leave?’ Simon Peter answered Him, ‘Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.’”  – John 6:67-69

Our Lord is again asking his followers – us – if we want to leave Him, just when His Church needs us most. We must answer Him by boldly repeating the words of the first Pope, “to whom shall we go?” The Catholic Church was established by Christ for the salvation of all. It will not fall. These recent attacks by the Devil have been brutal, but they are not sufficient. Our Blessed Mother will crush the head of the serpent. We must do our part.

The turmoil within the Church will continue to play out. Heads are going to roll. The purge will be difficult for Catholics to bear, it will shake each of us to our core. However, we must stand firm and persevere with faith in Christ, Our Lord. And we must love. We must not allow ourselves become cynical, bitter or cold. We must love abundantly, just as Our Lord loves.

“Many false prophets will arise and deceive many; and because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.” – Matthew 24: 11-13

Remain steadfast in faith, my brothers and sisters. Our Blessed Lord promised us He will be with us always. We must not abandon the Church in her darkest hour, for it is through Christ’s Holy Church that many will be saved.

The Lord has an entire army of good and faithful priests, deacons and bishops ready to serve. But they have been hurt by the actions of the evil ones. They need our help. We must begin to restore what the Devil and his minions have broken.

The time has come to set ourselves on fire with our faith; only then can we be strong enough to weather the coming turmoil. Pray unceasingly. Spend time in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Go to Mass every Sunday. Pray the Rosary daily, as it is, to Satan, like fingernails screeching across a chalkboard. Pray it fervently and know you are aiding in the defeat of this most insidious creature.

We are in dangerous and dark times, but there is reason to take heart. These events are fulfilling what Our Blessed Lord told us. This is a privileged time to be a Catholic, for in these evil days we are able to show God how much we trust Him. Let us rise to the occasion.

I shall close with the words of Pope St. John Paul II:

“There is no evil to be faced that Christ does not face with us. There is no enemy that Christ has not already conquered. There is no cross to bear that Christ has not already born for us, and does not now bear with us. Be not afraid.”

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