A wise man (and priest) once told me that every single person has an effect on the world and the lives of others. There is no neutral, especially when it comes to the suffering of others; either we contribute to it – even if it is through indifference – or we work to alleviate it.

Although naming my mission The Malone Effect may suggest an element of hubris, I assure you that in context it is quite humble. I take full ownership of not only what takes place on these pages but also as a result of them. From my writing, speaking and other engagements, I am determined to ensure that the effect I have on the world is in line with the commandments of Jesus Christ to love the Lord and to love one another.

The world is on a precipice and it seems like every day there is someone who has just enough power and willingness to give it a fatal shove. Nations on every part of the globe are on the brink of war, people are divided and viciously angry at each other over a myriad of disagreements and the influencers in both the U.S. and Europe are steering their relative publics away from faith in God, toward a misguided faith in man.

Those of us who maintain our faith in the Lord are increasingly feeling the squeeze of intolerance and ridicule but we do not shrink in fear, because Jesus Christ has promised us He is with us.

Now more than ever is the time for Christians to stand up and be counted. Not as judges, condemners or persecutors, but as true disciples of the Prince of Peace. We must sow peace, love and compassion wherever we go. We must not give in to fear and anger when the world seems to spin out of control. We must help those whom we can and never, ever hurt others.

If we shine our light – the light of Christ – on the world, our ranks will grow by the clear truth that exists within us. Many of our Christian brothers and sisters have fallen into the trap of condemning and closing to door to the most helpless among us. It is time to tear that door off the hinges. And those who see us will know we are Christians by our love.

This mission, The Malone Effect, is dedicated to effect massive positive change in this world by following the teachings of Jesus Christ as preserved, protected and passed on for 2000 years by the Roman Catholic Church. It is my deepest belief that the Catholic Church has the truth and that the evidence supports it.

With a profound respect for my brothers and sisters who have different beliefs, from non-Catholic Christians to Muslims to Atheists and beyond, I present the Catholic position, not to win an argument, but because I believe it is what is needed to heal the world.

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us all the information we need to make this world a better place and live in harmony with our brothers and sisters; we simply need to answer His call. What may be found within the pages of this blog, is my humble attempt to do so.

May the peace and love of Christ be with you always.

Robert Malone