Hey! I’m Rob Malone. I started this blog way back in 2013 as a way of documenting my thoughts and unleashing my passion for writing. Little did I know that it would be a seven-year evolution before I would have a website that is truly expressive of my vision of The Malone Effect!

We all have an effect on the world, whether or not we choose to. The only way we can hope to ensure that effect is a positive one is to seize ownership of it. This website is my execution of that goal. This will be a mix of writing (blog posts, streams of consciousness and journal writing) about various topics, in addition to vlogs (embedded from my YouTube channel).


At present, there are four primary topics upon which I feel qualified to speak:

  • Lifestyle: Food & drink, restaurants and bars, current events, fashion, technology, life hacks, motivation, music, movies.
  • Cooking: Recipes from myself and guest cooks prepared and usually filmed in the form of a vlog.
  • Fitness: Blogs and vlogs relating to fitness, including workout tutorials and examples.
  • Travel: Documentation of trips for both business and pleasure to various locations around the world.


I hope you enjoy my website and thank you for visiting.


My Story

I was born in Dublin, Ireland. I moved to the United States when I was ten years old. My family settled in Fort Worth, Texas. Growing up in an Irish family in a truly Texan city gave me a unique perspective on life.

Over the years I have traveled to many places. I find travel to be one of the most spiritually rewarding exercises one can do. Seeing different places, meeting new people and simply taking the risk of stepping out into the unknown is a practice I highly recommend for everyone seeking enlightenment.

I have worked in many industries, each of which provided me with valuable experiences in managing both people and stress. Ultimately, my path led me to my true calling as a schoolteacher. I am completely committed to helping each and every one of my students to achieve their goals in life, because they all deserve it.

I am incredibly blessed and content with my life. I teach, I write, I travel and I eat. Everything else is just maintenance. Thank you for joining me.

Rob Malone.